Having started in the industry by picking up in the footsteps of his father’s business in 1996, Mark worked in different freelance jobs as needed until 2008, quickly making a name for himself as efficient, reliant and cost effective. Based on the influx of business, Twocan was established in 2009 as a total solution provider for commercial signage requirements.
Roy is well renowned in the industry, partnering with Mark since 1996 on freelance work until the establishment of Twocan in 2009. Learning the tricks of the trade ‘on the job’ Roy has also established a reputation for his meticulous work ethic, ensuring attention to detail throughout every project to ensure work is completed on time and to budget.
Starting in the family business, Nikkie has dedicated her career to ensuring the smooth running of business operations. Initially working as account handler, Nikkie joined Twocan part time in 2010, but as the business has grown, Nikkie has become a full time member of the team and established point of contact for all our clients to ensure meeting their expectations.